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An interesting way to waste a moment today.... [26 Feb 2010|12:57am]

A SCAD Atlanta design student is doing research on sustainable home goods - please go here to fill out the quick 10 question survey - http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NPD9M8H

Feel free to pass around and repost! Responses from all over the country and all ages are needed.
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Networking Event for Fashion and Design [16 Jul 2008|12:01pm]

Whos In Fashion TV is hosting a fashion networking event for Atlanta's designers, stylists and otherwise fashionable residents. We are specifically looking for independent designers, and we would love to see you crafty ladies (and gents) at our next event. Click under the cut for more details.

Make Life BeautifulCollapse )
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[08 Jun 2008|04:52pm]

I made a site for the art zine I am starting on..
I need to network and communicate with other artist and people who would like to be featured in the first issue..

more info at the site.. thanks..


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[29 Apr 2008|01:02pm]

Buy Handmade
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Selling to Junkman's Daughter? [11 Apr 2008|11:28pm]

I know Junkman's Daughter sells items from local artists, and it occurred to me that the jewelry I make is very much in line with their style. I was wondering if anyone here has sold through them before and how it works. They jack up the prices on everything so much that whatever percentage they would pay me is probably more than I'd get on ebay, and a lot easier.

a picture of my creations below the cutCollapse )
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[05 Apr 2008|04:04pm]

i made another necklace today.
please check it out on etsy
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[01 Apr 2008|02:27pm]

...so i made an etsy shop. only a few items there right now but more things will be added soon enough.
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[26 Mar 2008|01:50pm]

Vintage Victorianesque Gothic OOAK Necklace,
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Saturday! Feb 2nd [28 Jan 2008|10:32pm]

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Anyone willing to mentor? [23 Jan 2008|06:16pm]

I'm a high school student, and we have a little number called "The Senior Project" that I'm working on this semester. We have to learn how to do something that is a stretch for us, and since I'm usually all in the fabric department, I decided to try my hand at bookbinding.


Is there anyone willing to be my mentor? I live in Marietta and you can contact me at taciturndoll@yahoo.com if you're interested.
Or if you have anyone in mind that would be of help to me, please let me know!!

Thank you!!

(if this is illegal, delete away. I apologize.)
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Atlanta Craft Mafia! [16 Jan 2008|12:31pm]

The rumors are true, but don't worry, there won't be any glue-gun wars! The Atlanta branch of the Craft Mafia has indeed changed hands, and we're throwing a party to introduce ourselves.
You are invited!

When: Saturday, February 2nd 1-6pm
Where: Park Grounds coffeehouse in Reynoldstown
Who: The 7 friendly faces behind the new Atlanta Craft Mafia
What: Tasty treats to eat and drink, Crafty demos with a make-and-take table, Meet the "Family" and learn what we're all about.
Why: We'd like to make you an offer you can't refuse!

The NEW Atlanta Craft Mafia was re-formed in the fall of 2007 by seven local independent crafters with a strong DIY ethic, a shared love for all things crafty and a belief in the beauty of all things hand-made. The Atlanta Craft Mafia seeks to provide support and resources for other members of the Atlanta crafting community through public events, networking opportunities and collaborative marketing.

To learn more, please visit our website:

or check out our LJ Community atlcraftmafia

atlanta craft mafia logo
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[01 Jan 2008|02:54pm]


its after the holidays..
Please visit my store and buy yourself some goodies!!
go now!
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[23 Dec 2007|11:16pm]


i updated it with a bunch of items featuring my art..
. please take a look if you have a chance.
go now!
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[21 Dec 2007|01:05am]

More fun with Red and Edweena Pearl!

For those who didn't see it, you may want to check out my last post about this ongoing project:

On to the new stuff!

Edweena arrives!Collapse )
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[18 Dec 2007|11:28pm]

So apparently, in kid-land, there's this whole deal about having an elf come visit your house during Christmas. Red (the kid I nanny) wants one of these magic elves to come visit her house, so her mother asked me to help out. Apparently the first step in this adventure is an "Elf Contract" direct from the North Pole. I didn't get a picture of the final thing, with the second page and the "Santa's seal" I made, but I'll get one tomorrow when I see Red. Her elf's name is Edweena Pearl (I didn't name it) and she is the nature elf who takes care of Santa's reindeer.

Elf ContractCollapse )
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Indy Craft Experience THIS SATURDAY!!! [14 Nov 2007|12:37pm]


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[26 Aug 2007|02:57am]

I've had this fabric FOREVER and I've been trying to think of something to do with it. I finally got some inspiration and holy crap do I LOVE it!! (& I made the button!!)

I'm so excited!!! I'm IN LOVE WITH THIS TOP!!Collapse )
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[10 Jul 2007|06:51pm]

I've been so busy crafting! I've amde loads and loads of pet/people bows! I also made some little match-cover mini-books and some HP wands.

...You can see Miss Molly rockin' at the house of blue lights! Woo, Good golly, Miss Molly...Collapse )
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[22 Jun 2007|03:04pm]


image is about 5 1/2 x 5 and will be for sale once i get glass for the frame. ..
drawn, printed and hand colored by me !!!
...and if i decide to color more of these to sell, each one will be unique..
but right now only this one that will be for sale...
.. so if you think you would be interested write me....
asking $50.. or make and offer..
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I'm posting this to a few of my crafting/scrapbooking/bookmaking communities, so please forgive me, but it's terribly important. If it needs to be erased, please let me know and I'll do so.

I know that a lot of you only make items for yourselves, or usually make items to sell, but I have a request. I need paper cards, postcards, little felted cards, small books, pressed flowers, etc, etc, etc. Wait! Don't stop reading! I'm not exactly just asking for a handout. I have good reason...

First, I'll explain what it's for:

Early last week, my grandfather called in tears saying that he had called 911 and that my grandmother wasn't breathing. We met my them at the hospital and she's been there ever since. They moved her last night, after a bad coughing fit, into the ICU and had to put her on an oxygen bypass machine this evening.

She has a condition called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD brought on my cigarette smoking. The 50+ years of smoking has caused her to develop asthma and chronic bronchitis, which has slowly deteriorated her lungs. She will have to be on an oxygen tank for the rest of her life. She's worried, scared, and just really down about the entire ordeal. She's upset and really needs something to help keep her going.

Now this is where you all come in. I know that she loves getting mail and has really been perking up whenever she gets a "get well soon" card or flowers. Unfortunately, our extended family isn't exactly the card or trinket sending type, so she's only gotten a few of them. I know there are a lot of US as well as international people in these communities, and because she's never gotten to travel a whole lot, I was hoping that some of you guys might want to send her a little something from where you're from.

Anything, even a storebought postcard with your town on it would be great, but if any of you want to make a card or something with pictures or little tidbits about your state/country, I know she'd just love it. It'd be like her getting to visit those places. If you'd like to include hopes for her to get well or some inspiring quotes and things like that, that'd b great, too. I think she'd love reading something like that and would be especially touched that strangers would take the time to do it for her.

If you'd like to participate, you can send the items to:

Mrs. R. Loretta Christopher
991 Chadwick Park Drive
Lawrenceville Ga 30045

Just in case anyone wants them, this is a small list of things she likes:
Roses, crossword puzzles, plants of any kind, travelling, hawaii, gardening, family, american idol, taylor hicks, days of our lives (the soap opera), cats

Please feel free to pass this around to friends and family, scrapbooking groups, prayer groups, etc.

Thank you so much in advance to anyone who is comfortable doing this. You have no idea how much I appreciate all of you! I don't say it enough, but I really do love all of these communities and the inspirational things posted here are always so wonderful!


Because of the amount of interest, I made a community specifically for this. Please feel free to check it out here:
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